Developing High Quality Supervision and Practice for Child and Family Social Workers in the West Midlands: an Action Learning Programme for West Midlands Councils, with A&A Associates (2009-2010)

This programme aimed to improve the quality of supervision for children and family social workers in the West Midlands, and deliver better outcomes for children and young people living in the region. It also sought to improve the retention of qualified social work staff across the region. Team managers (or equivalent) from participating local authorities were trained as action learning facilitators, and then mentored as they delivered action learning sets to frontline colleagues in neighbouring authorities. The programme featured bespoke learning events for participants and senior managers to share practice outcomes; and a final whole system learning exchange where participants showcased their learning and the techniques they had used. Jocelyn Jones worked as a Consultant on programme delivery with two local authorities and Jane Allen acted as ‘Critical Friend’ to the Consulting Team.