Promoting and Improving High Quality Assessment, Planning, Intervention and Review (APIR) Practice: an Action Learning Programme for South West Councils (2010-2011)

This action learning programme was commissioned in 2010 to promote high quality assessment/ planning/ intervention and review (APIR) practice across Referral & Assessment teams in South West England. Anticipated outcomes included good recording, sound analysis, consistency of thresholds, and a robust model of practice standards. The programme started in April 2010 with a whole system launch event for front-line managers and their mentors. Two team managers’ action learning sets ran from May 2010 to January 2011, one in the east of the region and one in the west; mentors also met twice as a group. The work was endorsed by Professor Eileen Munro and the final report, which included a rigorous evaluation based on the programme outcomes, was cited in Professor Munro’s May 2012 Progress Report to Government.