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‘Solution space’ for complex cases

Our forward-thinking ‘solution space’ is an effective approach to maximise learning from a complex case, ‘near miss’ or following a serious case review; it works constructively with professional anxiety and ambivalence, and responds to this challenge by promoting unifying and timely actions on complex cases. It does this by drawing on the collective wisdom of professionals with previous involvement and those new to the case. What has worked well and what’s working now is shared in a safe space which offers challenge, support, and shared solutions.

‘Solution space’ offers a cost-effective and engaging way of creating ownership for agreed actions, and builds relationships to help professionals work together constructively on complex cases. This appreciative, yet challenging, form of multi-agency group supervision plays a key role in quality assuring decision-making through support and rigorous challenge; and building a reflective, child-centred practice learning and leadership culture.