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Leadership coaching

Senior leadership often carries with it high expectations and visibility and with that a potential vulnerability. The expectation to be wise, decisive and have answers is heightened and this dependency is all the greater in situations of high anxiety that often accompany work that is high risk. The staff expects leadership to provide answers, resources, direction and the public, senior officials and elected representatives also expect answers, assurances that all is well (more often about a lack of public scrutiny than for the child at the centre). However resilient the senior manager, there are always dilemmas as well as the need to develop strategies to manage the official response whilst also being rigorous about standards, learning lessons and remaining compassionate with humility at the same time. Coaching is often the only safe space to open up and explore this territory.

We have over 20 years’ experience coaching leaders and senior managers in the Public sector.
Our coaching is intended for leaders, who are committed to ‘outstanding’ leadership, management and governance, as reflected in the recent joint consultation guidance (Ofsted et al, June 2014). To this end, we support visible and effective leadership in promoting children’s wellbeing and protection, where innovation and professional challenge inspire work of the very highest quality to change the lives of children and young people, particularly those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable.

We offer experience of highly sensitive challenges for senior leaders, an understanding of the politics, the media and also the issues at the core of child protection practice. We provide a safe, secure and contained coaching space where support, challenge and, above all, quality learning is available.